The lab - Connected creativity (2011)

In 2010, I was granted permission by NXP, a global semiconductors company, to spend a number of days in their central research labs. Like a fly on the wall, I captured the daily life of NXP researchers at work. The result is an intriguing anthropological glimpse into the world of innovation.

‘Connected Creativity’ was inspired by the book ‘Natlab’, created in 1989 by the famous Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken. This documentary, commissioned by Philips Electronics in the Netherlands, was a photo book on daily life at their renowned corporate research department. It was captured in the characteristic black-and-white style of Van der Elsken.

Interestingly enough, twenty-two years later I had the opportunity to revisit the former ‘Natlab’ in order to document in my own style how people and things had changed in the meantime.

The book ‘Connected Creativity’ consists of 76 pages and was designed by Marcel Heijnen, a Dutch graphic designer living and working in Singapore. The book was printed primarily as a gift for the NXP researchers. From the entire edition of 600 copies, only 100 are available for sale. They are priced at € 29.