December 2020:
Good news again! Mondriaan Fund will sponsor the publication of my new book 'This is not about pigeons'. This book is on the dark algorithms of companies such as Tinder, Amazon, Uber and Airbnb. To be published in Spring 2021 by The Eriskay Connection.

May 2020:
On Thursday 28 May, the exhibition Daily Nightshift will be opened at Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp. The exposition will show two of my projects: Battlefields (2015) and Gig / Faceless Bosses (2019/2020).

March 2020:
Due to the Corona virus developments, the opening of my installation at Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp will be postponed.

February 2020:
Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp will show my new project 'Faceless Bosses' (2020) together with Battlefields (2015). The theme of their exhibition is 'Daily Night Shift', on social and economic life in the hours after dark (21 March - 28 June 2020).

November 2019:
Dutch daily De Volkskrant published a very nice review of my new project 'GIG", about the digital platform economy. GIG is the first part of a new art book I am currently working on. It's about life in the digital platform economy. The work is on show at International Photo Festival Noorderlicht 2019, themed 'Taxed to the Max' until 1 Dec. 2019).

October 2019:
'GIG", about Uber and Deliveroo, is the first part of a new art book I am currently working on. It's about life in the digital platform economy. The work is now on show at International Photo Festival Noorderlicht 2019, themed 'Taxed to the Max' (6 Oct - 1 Dec. 2019).

June 2019:
My latest art book 'Universe' was shortlisted by PHotoESPANA 2019 for the Best Books of the Year Award and longlisted for the Dutch Photobook Prize 2017-2019.

May 2019:
The Universe exhibitions in Breda, Utrecht and Rouen are now closed, but the project is currently on show at Stadsarchief Amsterdam as part of the exhibition 'Stad in Zicht' with the artists who recently received the annual Amsterdam assignment for photography or drawing.

February 2019:
From 9 February 2019 till 11 May 2019 my latest project 'Universe - facts in the post-truth era' will be on show at Centre Photographique Normandie in Rouen, France. In the meantime, until 24 February, the project is also still on show at Fotodok Utrecht.

December 2018:
My latest book 'Universe - facts in the post-truth era' selected by Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant in the top 10 of most beautiful photobooks of 2018. In addition the book was selected by Jeffrey Lad, at Photobookstore UK, in his 2018 top 12.

November 2018:
New publications on my 'Universe project' in Vrij Nederland (14 pages) and Metropolis M, magazine for contemporary art (4 pages). Universe will be on show again at 'Who's in control' by Fotodok Utrecht.

September 2018:
My Universe project is now on show at international Photo Festival BredaPhoto2018. My exhibition (photos, videos and soundscape) can be visited until 21 October. New, additional, publications on my project in New Scientist and EOS Wetenschap.

July and August 2018:
My new book 'Universe' was featured in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant - a four pages article based on an interview with Merel Bem. In addition it was featured in two different articles in Dutch daily 'Het Parool' and and in an article in Dutch daily 'Trouw'. Universe also selected by GUP magazine in their quarterly book guide.

May 2018:
My latest book 'UNIVERSE - Facts in the post-truth era' is now available! Prof Robbert Dijkgraaf wrote the introduction. As an exhibition it will premiere in September at International Photo Festival BredaPhoto2018 'To Infinity and Beyond'. See here.

May 2018:
WIRED JAPAN published my Playground project. See here

March 2018:
In the course of March and April, I will give three presentations on my documentary and art work: 22 March at Fotodok (Space for Documentary Photography in Utrecht), at Van Abbehuis (in Eindhoven), and a guest college at AKV St Joost (Academy for Art and Design, in Breda).

December 2017:
WIRED magazine USA interviewed me about my Playground project. See here.

October 2017:
Dutch national radio channel VPRO interviewed about on Playground, my latest documentary project about Dutch Nobel Prize winner Ben Feringa. Currently on show at International Photo Festival Noorderlicht 2017:

October 2017:
My latest project PLAYGROUND on the Nobel prize winner chemistry 2016, is now on show at Noorderlicht (Van der A-Kerk, Groningen). SEEDS is on show at Noorderlicht Assen (Drenths Museum| KINK).

June 2017:
Currently still working on a documentary project for Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) / Amsterdam City Archives, and on a special documentary assignment by 'Noorderlicht', international PhotoFestival 2017, about Nobel prize winner chemistry Ben Feringa.

November 2016:
My latest project Battlefields acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Oslo National Academy of the Arts Library, the SAIC Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection and Chelsea UAL.

August 2016:
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and Amsterdam City Archives invited me to create their Amsterdam 2016/2017 photo documentary. Working title: The Science of Amsterdam.

July 2016:
My book 'Battlefields' nominated for the Prix du Livre 2016 (Rencontres d'Arles, France)

May 2016:
Francis Hodgson, professor in the culture of photography, wrote an extensive article on my latest book BATTLEFIELDS. See: Pinch and Swipe.

April 2016:
London-based 'KALEID editions' selected my book Battlefields for their final 2016 collection of best European artist books. Exhibition in Tate Modern London. In addition, my book Seeds selected for 'Photobookshow Kiev', Ukraine.

February 2016:
From 23 Jan until 8 May 2016 my book Seeds will be on show at QUICKSCAN NL#02 (Nederlands Foto Museum, Rotterdam). This is an exhibition 'that puts a finger on the pulse of Dutch photography to give the public a taste of the latest trends in the medium'. Seeds will be part of a specific photobook section showing the most interesting publications of the last five years.

January 2016:
'Battlefields' selected 'Best of 2015' by 'Virtual Bookshelf' (Austria), and by Gabriela Cendoya (Spain).

November 2015:
My new book 'Battlefields' and my other works will be presented at Paris Photo 2015 by THE EXPERIMENTAL BOOK PLATFORM PUNTO DE FUGA and at POLYCOPIES PARIS. In addition it will also be presented by Johan Deumens Gallery at the Artists' Books Fair in New York.

May 2015:
After the exhibitions at BredaPhoto2014 and the WestFries Museum, 'Seeds' is now on show at Museum Boerhaave in Leiden. Until January 2016. Seeds was covered by Dutch daily newspapers NRC, Trouw, Financieel Dagblad, Noord-Hollands Dagblad and Leidsch Dagblad.

December 2014:
SEEDS selected by De Volkskrant as one of the 15 very best photobooks of 2014.

October 2014:
SEEDS selected for the Brighton Photo Biennial Book Show 2014 in the UK and by the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston (USA).

September 2014:
My new book SEEDS launched at the international photo festival BredaPhoto 2014 and at Unseen in Amsterdam. Very positive review by Merel Bem in De Volkskrant.

July 2014:
My new project SEEDS selected for the international photo festival BredaPhoto 2014 in the Netherlands.

November 2013 - February 2014:
'Entering the black box' on show at the Dutch Photography Experience in the Museum for Modern Art in St Petersburg.

June 2013
Commissioned by the 'Stichting Provinciale Atlas Noord-Holland' in the Netherlands, I am currently working on their 2014 documentary assignment. The focus of this project is the creation of a documentary on the biotechnology of 'Seed Valley'. This will result in a new book, an exposition and some video installations.

February-June 2013:
'Entering the black box' on show at The Melkweg Photo Gallery, Amsterdam and the former Schellens Factory, Eindhoven.

7 January 2013:
Emmie Kollau interviews Jos Jansen in VPRO's De Avonden, radio programme dedicated to art and culture:

27 December 2012:
NRC and NRC Next reviewed my new book and current exhibition. The result: 4 our of 5 stars in NRC (Lucette ter Borg) and 3 out of 5 stars in NRC Next (Sterre Sprengers).

2 December 2012:
From 14 December 2012 until 13 January 2013 images from my book 'Entering the black box' will be on show in the 'White Lady' building in Eindhoven, the Netherlands (Krabbedans, Centre for contemporary art).

15 November 2012:
My new book 'Entering the black box' presented at Paris Photo 2012. It is published by THE ERISKAY CONNECTION .

15 October 2011:
'Connected Creativity' now also for sale at the Dutch Museum for Photography (Nederlands Foto Museum) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

12 October 2011:
'Connected Creativity' reviewed by GUP MAGAZINE.

26 August 2011:
'Connected Creativity' now also for sale at PHOTO-EYE BOOKSHOP (USA) and reviewed by THE INDEPENDENT PHOTOBOOK.

17 August 2011:
'Connected Creativity' reviewed by BINT PHOTOBOOKS

15 August 2011:
'Connected Creativity' is now for sale. See bookshop section.

29 June 2011:
'Connected Creativity' launched - a book offering unique anthropological glimpse into the daily life of researchers at work in an innovative, high-tech environment.

8 March 2011:
Thirteen (animated) images, recently made in the Dutch 'Overdiepse Polder', published in the Canon EOS magazine.

1 November 2010:
Launch of 'Picnic', a publication about how, in 1963, the JF Kennedy assassination happened to cross my personal life. The past in the present.

1 July 2010:
Launch of 'Beautiful boredom', a publication about human behavior and the in-car culture.

1 June 2010:
'People, places, time, circumstances' is now on show at the campus of the Nijmegen University. As part of their on-going initiative 'Cultuur op de Campus', the Nijmegen University exhibits images from this project in the central hall of the Gymnasion building, Heyendaalseweg 141, Nijmegen. Open from 7 am till 12 pm. Admission free.

1 March 2010:
'Lieve Vader' (My dear father) published by Meulenhoff Publishers, Amsterdam.