Battlefields (2015)

Nominated for the Prix du Livre 2016 (Rencontres d'Arles, France)

There is one place in particular where our fingers are performing choreographies that were unknown just a few years ago.
A place where the physical world merges into a virtual world, the reversible into the irreversible, and the controllable into the uncontrollable.
A place that is also a symbol of our compulsive desire to be connected all the time, and of our new internal struggle: How much of our privacy are we willing to sacrifice?
Clicks, taps, pinches and swipes.
Traces of human behaviour... left like a battlefield.

In Battlefields, published by The Eriskay Connection, photography is used as a forensic-scientific tool to examine our compulsive desire to be connected at all times and our struggle between private and public. Do we still control technology – or does it control us? The choreographies created by our fingers on mobile devices become a visual metaphor of our continuous struggle with technology.