Entering the black box (2012)

In my second photo book, I investigate the mystic nature of high-tech research. Exploring the relationship between people and technology, I focuse in particular on three important aspects of modern scientific research: scale, complexity and abstraction. In an associative manner, I attempt to showa fragments of a world which is simultaneously alienating, fascinating and unfathomable.

One of the most important driving forces in modern high-tech research is miniaturisation. Increasingly conducted at nano level and sometimes even at atomic level, this technology enables scientists to reach down to a depth of existence that can only be represented by mathematical formulas and scale models. This domain – which the French anthropologist and sociologist of science Bruno Latour calls ‘the black box’ – is the place where, in his view, science becomes ‘dark’.

I observe how researchers wander around in artificial landscapes and continuously raise questions about precisely what they are doing, how everything is linked together, and into what larger context it all ultimately fits. Technology and people merge together, and it sometimes seems that technology is usurping the place of humanity.

'Entering the black box' is published by The Eriskay Connection (November 2012. ISBN: 978-90-818384-4-3.